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Ways to go about clinical data management

Authors: The Health Unit ULSS no. 8 in Asolo

The Health Unit ULSS (Unitá Locale Socio Sanitaria) no. 8 in Asolo (Veneto Region, Italy), in order to address the appropriate and advanced management of archived data, has created a Clinical Data Repository, through the digital recording of clinical case files to replace the original, enabling online consultation of more than six million case files. The digital clinical case file meets the requirements of current regulations concerning digital substitution of the original. Although the digital product could replace the original, all the paper-based clinical case files have been preserved in a central archive; our evaluation of current experiences with long-term preservation of digital data is that it does not provide adequate security.

Open the Case Study [PDF, 87 KB], Published 7th May 2008

Digital preservation strategies in Public Administrations (PA): addressing PA needs

Author: Ilaria Pescini

The phenomenon of transforming documentary memories is the result of an irreversible process that has changed procedures and instruments for production and communication in different activity sectors. The primary objective of the application of automatic procedures to document management is to rationalise the activity by improving the system of organisational relationships in Public Administrations.
The exploitation of IT opportunities, together with rational organisation, should lead to an improvement in efficiency. One of the main objectives associated with the transformation of the traditional documentary system into a specialised IT-managed information system is the long-term preservation of digital archives.
The long-term preservation of digital resources is a process that aims at using digital archives over time, with the guarantee that each document is accessible, usable (readable and intelligible) and has its integrity and authenticity preserved in the long term.

Open the Case Study [PDF, 82 KB], Published 7th May 2008

Digital Preservation and Cultural Heritage in the Context of the Experience Society

Author: Henrik Christiansen

Since August 2006, Roskilde Festival Repository has undertaken the task of registering and preserving data from one of the biggest music festivals in Northern Europe, Roskilde Festival, which has been an ongoing annual event since 1971. Electronic registration was introduced one year later, in August 2007, when the Repository started to digitise pictures and files and to convert the many diverse film formats into DVD.
Using electronic registration is a challenge and there is a lack of previous experience. Therefore, we consider it essential to find ways of sharing our experiences and know-how regarding how to use, maintain and preserve digital data for the future.

Open the Case Study [PDF, 85 KB], Published 7th May 2008